About the Candy

How long do your candies last?

Not forever!! Hard candy is basically crystallized sugar, a natural preservative. When it is stored in its sealed bag, it will not "go bad".  But it will begin to liquefy over time - even in the best storage conditions, it doesn't last forever.  For best results, we suggest enjoying candies within two weeks.  Discoloration/crystallization may otherwise be present

For best results: store below 65 degrees and in less than 40% humidity. (i.e. Do not leave them in the back seat of your car in summer).  For long term storage in humid climates you may want to keep your candies in a glass or metal covered container as plastic will not protect as well from humidity.  Do not refrigerate!  

Stored properly, hard candy will last indefinitely.

How many calories are in a piece?

Since our candies are all handmade the size of each piece will vary.  But an 8 oz. bag has approximately 870 calories and each piece would be around 20 calories.

Is the hard candy gluten free?

We use gluten free ingredients...granulated and powered sugar, corn syrup, water, food color and flavor oil.  One of our customer told us, "I have to eat Gluten Free, so your candy is my dessert!"

Refunds and Exchanges

Sometimes things go wrong despite every effort to avoid such instances.  PLEASE contact us and we will do our best to make it right.  We want you to love our candies.